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I’m Dr. Anya DeRosa, and I want to welcome you to Radiant Being Psychological Services. After moving to the Upper Perkiomen Valley with my family in 2014, I was surprised to find out that there were no psychotherapy providers in the Upper Perkiomen Valley community. Many of my new friends and neighbors told me they either wished they could find a psychologist close by because they (or a friend or loved one) had concerns they wanted help with but couldn’t find anyone close by, or they were driving a distance for therapy and felt it was really inconvenient.


Appointments are made directly with Dr. Anya DeRosa based on her availability. To set up an appointment, please leave a message for Dr. Anya DeRosa using the contact information on this page.  When you write or call, please leave the following information:

In individual psychotherapy (also known as “talk therapy” or “counseling”), clients meet one-on-one with a licensed psychotherapist in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. Sessions are scheduled at specific appointment times and are 45-55 minutes in length


Group psychotherapy is offered a few times a year at Radiant Being Psychological Services, PC. In general, psychotherapy groups meet once a week for a specific number of sessions and focus on teaching specific skills to a group of 8-10 clients, all of whom agree to keep the information shared by other clients confidential.


More recently, research has demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation in improving the ability to cope with everyday life stressors, manage feelings of anxiety, depression, compulsive / emotional eating, and other impulse-control disorders including addictions.


Why Psychotherapy?

It can help with

Alleviating Anxiety

Whether you are always nervous and worry constantly, feel occasional anxiety that makes it hard to do things like to socialize or give a presentation at work, or experience panic attacks, anxiety can interfere with your life and hold you back. Psychotherapy takes a mind-body approach to treatment by helping you to identify, understand, and change the underlying causes of excessive anxiety so you can enjoy your life as you were meant to – in a calm and confident manner, without unnecessary tension and distress. 

 Ending Insomnia

Occasional sleeplessness is common; however, 10% of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia, tossing and turning all night, feeling exhausted when they wake up, and dragging through the day, indefinitely. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) is a specialized treatment technique that has become the gold standard for treating insomnia without addictive drugs or long months of talk therapy. This step-by-step treatment process can help you understand why you have insomnia and how the brain’s natural sleep drive can be reset. Your psychotherapist will then support you through the process of restoring your healthy sleep pattern so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Overcoming Trauma

Whether the result of a single traumatic experience like a serious car accident or the cumulative impact of a lifetime of traumatic experiences like child abuse and neglect, highly advanced psychotherapy techniques including EMDR can help to resolve the symptoms of trauma that interfere with quality of life. Treatment starts with understanding how traumatic experiences impact the brain and its capacity to regulate emotion, process and store information. This lays the foundation for learning how to calm and ground yourself so that you feel safe when you are safe. Once these skills are mastered, trauma memories can be worked through so they no longer distress you.

Facing Depression

Depression is more than having a few bad days from time-to-time. People suffering from depression feel sad and down almost every day. They feel exhausted, unmotivated, and hopeless. It’s common to feel isolated and alone, misunderstood by others who give well-meaning advice to, “snap out of it,” or “cheer up.” Psychotherapy focuses on targeting and resolving the mind-body factors causing your depression, allowing you to gain healthier perspectives. Recovery from depression is possible with psychotherapy, so you can enjoy the life you were meant to live.

Tackling Life Transitions 

From leaving college to go into the workplace, committing to or ending a relationship, becoming a parent or an empty nester, or adjusting successfully to retirement, we often face major transitions in our journey through life. Psychotherapy can assist you to adjust more easily to new circumstances by identifying your existing strengths, spotting potential areas for growth, developing new coping and problem-solving skills, and providing support and guidance as you gain the confidence to succeed.

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Although the experience of grief and loss is a natural part of life, it can be a lonely experience in our culture. We tend to over-focus on encouraging grieving individuals to “move on,” and lack an appreciation for the emotional process bereaved individuals experience. While there are identifiable stages of grief, the grieving process is as unique as the person experiencing it. Psychotherapy provides a supportive, healing environment for individuals to work through grief and loss in their own way, eventually allowing them to gain a sense of meaning from their experience of loss, remember their loved one without pain, and re engage in life with a sense of purpose and resolution.


"Dr. DeRosa is a warm, compassionate, and expertly skilled clinician with whom I have worked with for well over a decade. She is highly effective with her clients and is constantly updating her skill sets to match the current "state of the art" practices. She manges her practice with the upmost level of ethical care. I have shared and referred clients to her over the years and would continue to do so. An important factor to consider with Dr. DeRosa is that she practices what she teaches. Personally, I know her to be an individual who is focused on personal growth and health in her own life. I recommend her highly!

Anthony Tzoumas, Ph.D

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