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Group Psychotherapy


Group Psychotherapy for Adults 21 and Over

Group psychotherapy is offered a few times a year at Radiant Being Psychological Services, PC. In general, psychotherapy groups meet once a week for a specific number of sessions and focus on teaching specific skills to a group of 8-10 clients, all of whom agree to keep the information shared by other clients confidential.

Examples include Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction skills group RBPS MBSR Flyer Dates TBA (an 8-week group in which clients learn mindfulness meditation as a strategy for reducing stress) and assertiveness training group (a 4-week group focused on teaching clients to become confident in expressing their needs and wishes to others).



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Our sincere goal is to promote positive change in a warm, caring environment using a treatment approach uniquely tailored to each individual, ultimately focused on helping people to connect with the inner joy and radiance we all possess.


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